5-Week Healing Intensive

Free Your Mind of Limiting Beliefs and Retained Emotions that Restrict Your Life and Block the Experience of Your True Self.

With 30+ years experience, Dr. Moss has used his intuitive ability to help thousands of people clear out the past and create a purposeful and passionate life.

Most Recent Testimonials:


“A truly miraculous healer.”

~Dr. Candace Pert, Author, Featured in “What the Bleep…”

“I found the work we did to be extremely helpful… You have a wonderful gift to offer the world.”

~Louise Hay, noted author, speaker and teacher

“Many of the obstacles to my abundance, prosperity and success have seemingly melted away!”

~David R Couture, Living the Life Abundant

“Dr. Moss has achieved an amazing thing—transformation of mind and heart through the medium of cyberspace.”

~Dr. Bill Little, Minister, Pacific Coast Church PG

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