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Only Everything Fulfills a Child of God

There is a beautiful passage from the Bible that says ..."it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom." But to experience a gift we must be able to receive. If we blame God for our ego created problems, we will block our true source of abundance, happiness and love. If we think of ourselves as unworthy and unforgivable, we will also be unable to receive. And if we hold ourselves back for fear of what others will think and feel, we will stay stuck in limitation.

This CD helps us to release these and other blocks. Unlimited abundance is our nature as a true and perfect child of God and we will never be happy with the limitations of the ego.
Original music by Steven Bergman.

"Rick is AMAZING! He came to speak/do a workshop at Unity San Francisco a couple months ago...I was impressed with his intuitiveness and his clearing abilities. After his visit to our church, I used his ONLY EVERYTHING FULFILLS A CHILD OF GOD - CLEARING RESISTANCE TO RECEIVING CD three times a week for over a month and my life has expanded in ways that I never thought possible! I am so excited that many of the obstacles to my abundance prosperity and success have seemingly melted away! Thank you thank you thank you, Rick!"
~ David C.

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