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The Light-Traveler’s Notebook CD

You are invited to experience the Light Traveler's Notebook CD, a loving and heart-full exploration of who we really are and the purpose of the earth experience. The Light Traveler in all of us is Awakened Mind, Mind that knows God as its own nature and speaks with the certainty of direct experience. John Eric Moss brings his background as a teacher of meditation and Self-unfoldment and over 15 years of experience in the development of Pre-Cognitive Re-Education to an entirely new level with the introduction of the Light-Traveler material.

The physical book is out of print but the CD is still available. The Light-Traveller's Notebook CD contains 21 clearings, readings and processes from the book.

"God's Love for you overflows from such a full Heart that it floods the Universe with Light and whispers your name with such tenderness that if your Heart were not Eternal, it would melt." The Light-Traveler.

"The Notebook was and is simply Divine. I read it everyday for awhile. It's deliverance. Thanks a lot. It's great! Bless you". TB

Note: This CD is not included in the Set of 12 CDs.

The purpose of the earth experience
Not included in the Set of 12
$15 (CD) / $10 (MP3s)

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