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Awakening Soul

Awakening Soul

“When the seeming shadows have faded.
When the illusions are long gone and never were.
Then Light is…as it has always been.
And Love knows Itself as the All of Creation.
This is the Diamond state of Wholeness.
This is the Truth Eternal.”

And so begins a book I’m writing called Awakening Soul.

Words can only point in the direction of the eternal, just as the proverbial finger pointing at the moon is not the moon and the menu is not the meal.

The Diamond State is our Inherent Nature. It is who we are. Yet, it is covered over and separate from our conscious awareness by the limitied self awareness and retained emotions and shadows that continue to live in our subconscious.

Awakening Soul is an invitation, an invitation to journey of awakening – of Self remembering. It is, in a way, a strange journey for when we awaken it will be a re-discovery of something that was never missing but always missed. It will be the end of a separation that can never be and never was but has been constantly experienced by a part of ourselves. For, in truth, we could never be separate from the Mind that is our only Source and the Love that is our very Being.

From the Diamond of my Being…
From the depths of What Is…
I choose to remember now
the awakening that lives in me,
always has lived in me,
just forgotten for a time.
I call this forth.
I bring Wholeness to mind.
And I remember that I am.
I step out of I was like an old costume that no longer fits.
And the first words I hear are “Welcome Home”.

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