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There are always at least two plans for our success and well being happening simultaneously.

There is our ego’s plan and then there is a Divine plan.

For many of us the ego’s plan is so strong and ingrained that we may not even realize that there is another path and that this path is the genuine and essential pathway to Love, Happiness and true Abundance.

Here are some pointed questions that can help you to explore when you are following the ego’s plan and when you are being guided by God’s plan.

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I Choose Love

I Choose Love

April 18, 2013

My partner Janel has asked me to share this:

I choose Love.

In the face of the devastating events in Boston and around the world, it is easy to let our minds go to blame and hate and desire for revenge and, yet, these judgments and emotions will not heal the wounded minds and hearts that act out their pain.

But Love will.

There is no gulf that love cannot bridge, no wound that Love cannot heal.

We have a choice.

I choose Love.

Please share ways in which you found that you could make the choice for Love.

Photo credit: Jude via Flickr


Dear Friends,

I hope you’ll join me for an hour of clearing out the mind and developing the power to create the life that you want. We will do more than discussion, we will do the work together. I think you’ll find it powerful and useful.

I will be speaking on The Wisdom Show on Wednesday, April 17th at 3pm Pacific/ 4pm Mountain/ 5pm Central/ 6pm Eastern.

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Two Types of Manifestation

Are you manifesting from your ego or your soul?

When we engage in manifestation we are making something visible. We can manifest from our ego and we can manifest from our soul. These two sources have can have very different outcomes.

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Dear Friends,
Did you know that three out of every five relationships end in a break up? And the average broken heart recovery period is 3 years and 7 months? Statistics also reveal that in the last two years, 40% of adults are mourning the death of someone they love.The grief felt when a relationship ends can be devastating, leaving many heartbroken singles living in pain and isolation. But it doesn’t have to be that way!
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Its obvious that bodies are unique – from our eyes to our finger prints. Its also obvious that our history’s are unique. No one has had a life exactly like ours. And the same is true for our personalities.

But is there a unique spiritual Self? And if there is, in what way is this important for us to know?

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Hi My Friends,

I am excited to invite you to the new teleseminar “Awaken Your Amazing Self!”

This is a program designed and lead by a psychotherapist.

Register now: http://www.awakenyouramazingself.com

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Hey Guys,

I’m going to be one of the speakers in this upcoming webinar on manifestation.

It’s free and I thought you might enjoy some of the speakers…
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Join Rick Moss, Ph.D. and 33 thought leaders in the From Heartache to Joy: Global Summit

If you could get the tools that could each create Quantum Changes in your life in:


…would you be interested?

This INCREDIBLE opportunity to transform and change is available now.
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Hi Dear Ones,

This replay of an interview/clearing with Debra Poneman of New Transformation Strategies turned out to be quite extraordinary… I’ve received some wonderful feedback from all over the world.

It’s available for free but only this Fri. and Sat. Hope you enjoy it: http://www.newtransformationstrategies.com/WeekendReplay009rm

Loving you all,
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