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Hi My Friends,

I am excited to invite you to the new teleseminar “Awaken Your Amazing Self!”

This is a program designed and lead by a psychotherapist.

Register now: http://www.awakenyouramazingself.com

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Hey Guys,

I’m going to be one of the speakers in this upcoming webinar on manifestation.

It’s free and I thought you might enjoy some of the speakers…
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Join Rick Moss, Ph.D. and 33 thought leaders in the From Heartache to Joy: Global Summit

If you could get the tools that could each create Quantum Changes in your life in:


…would you be interested?

This INCREDIBLE opportunity to transform and change is available now.
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Hi Dear Ones,

This replay of an interview/clearing with Debra Poneman of New Transformation Strategies turned out to be quite extraordinary… I’ve received some wonderful feedback from all over the world.

It’s available for free but only this Fri. and Sat. Hope you enjoy it: http://www.newtransformationstrategies.com/WeekendReplay009rm

Loving you all,
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Who Is It That Feels Not Enough?

To understand why we think and feel we are not enough, and what to do about it, let’s  first understand the parts of our self and mind we’re talking about.

Our ego is our self created identity. It is not who we are as God knows us, which is often called the Self.

The ego will always believe that it is not enough.

It may cover this up with a variety of beliefs, but in the end it is correct. Our ego is not enough. Our authentic solution is not to try and believe something that is not true, but, rather to live from that part of ourselves that is not concerned with enough or not enough.

When we are Self-aware, Being is everything.
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Dear Friends,

Starting right now, discover how to speed up the transformation in your life.

Just listen to the first 5 calls and experience an immediate shift!

These calls are amazing and they don’t cost anything.

Experiencing Your Limitless Potential!

My show will be on in July. Click here to register and see the line-up:

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Listen and/or Read

The following is a transcription of a talk given by Rick Moss Ph.D at the Pacific Coast Church, PG, CA.

Because of the experiential nature of this work, Dr. Rick suggests closing your eyes for a few parts. You can try reading a line and then closing your eyes to let it sink in, or just listen along with this audio player.

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UPDATE: Listen to a recording of Dr. Moss’s Interview From the Summit

Dear Friends,

I’d like you to know I’ll be one of the speakers in this Breakup Solutions Summit. There will be many wonderful and insightful speakers and best of all it is free. So I hope you’ll make plans to join us.

Here’s a letter describing the event:

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Last week I was the guest on the Jim White internet radio show. The topic was: How We Unconsciously Block Our Greatest Success. Jim is a highly successful businessman and coach who integrates spirituality and profound wisdom. I think it was a really good show, so I am sharing a recording of it with you now (click the play button below to listen).

Discover These 5 Subconscious Secrets for Success:

1. Why we have blocks to manifesting and fulfilling certain goals and intentions.
2. How to better access our core Goodness and capacities.
3. A tool to help you release stress.
4. A way to free yourself from perceived “failures” of the past.
5. Increase your happiness with life.

Listen to internet radio with Jim White on Blog Talk Radio

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To practice developing your intuition, take any question, or situation in front of you and use these simple step as a beginning.

  1. Quiet Your Mind
    Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Release as much tension as you can and look inwardly for a part of your mind that is not invested in an answer…just open to the truth.
  2. Say inwardly, “Let The Truth Be Known. I open to Truth in all cases.”
    Let these words vibrate inside your mind and body encouraging your whole being to come into resonance with this statement. Then, allow an answer or feeling to springs forth from that state of inner awareness.
  3. Listen or feel for the first thing that comes.
    Does it come with a feeling of rightness? Did it just bubble up into the mind effortlessly? If so, this is likely your intuition.

The more you practice listening to your intuition, the more you will develop the skill, and the more effortless it will become. This skill is central to the ability of transforming consciousness by healing the subconscious.
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