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Subpersonalities are groupings of subconscious memories, beliefs, perspectives and emotions. If you let them they will run your life and you won’t even be aware of it.

In your subconscious, which is most of your personal mind, the are subpersonalities like inner children and adapted aspects like a rebelious teenager. We are not just a homogenious personality; we are a community of personalities.
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My dear friend Dr. Gary Richman and I have been invited and contracted with The World Puja Network (worldpuja.org) to do a radio show the first and third Wednesdays of each month starting today. The title of the show is: Awakening Mind.

Gary and I have been friends for many years now and the heart of our relationship is our interest and committment to personal growth and spiritual awakening. We have supported each other through many challenges and shared a number of insights and it is this experience, more than anything, that motivates us to do this interent radio show. We’d like to share our experience, what we are learning, and our friendship with you.

“Awakening Mind” airs 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of every month on the World Puja internet broadcasting system. 12:30pm Pacific / 3:30pm Eastern time, and again at 7:30pm Pacific / 10:30pm Eastern time — or you can listen to the archives 24 hours a day

Listen in and read more on Awakening Mind at the Puja Network

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I have spent years doing spiritual practices. And today I am reflecting on the insight that a spiritual life is not based on spiritual practices but, rather, on what I do between spiritual practices.

There is a wonderful little book called “The Practice of The Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence. Brother Lawrence was a 17th century lay Carmelite who became illuminated with God. His simple and innocent practice was to give himself to God completly and to make the love of God the end of all his actions. He asked God’s help in all things and at all times. For him the time of prayer was no different than any other time.

As I sit with the spirit of Brother Lawrence and I give my awareness to God I feel a delight, a sweetness. Why would I not want this Grace at every moment? What can I do to enter into God’s moment rather than have my ego’s way? How can I remain conscious enough to keep choosing my Soul’s delight over the habitual patterns stored in my subconscious?

What do you do? Let’s share ideas. I’ll keep you informed and I’d love to hear of your successes and challenges.

Brother Lawrence concluded that the shortest path to God was a continual exercise of love while doing all things for God. May love guide your path.

A wonderful things happens if we can be still and quiet the loud and persistant voices of our ego’s seeming wants and needs.

An ease, a relaxation presents itself at that quiet level of the mind.

It is a homecoming. It is a state in which we are just ourSelf and in which we feel totally welcomed…a wonderful feeling in which we need nothing and yet we are perfectly happy.

It is a quiet kind of happiness, in which all of creation is silently saying “aaaahh”.

How did Rumi put it? “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

In this stillness right and wrong, good and bad, and all dualities vanish and all that remains is a stillness that is both empty and absolutely full.

Love. It is what everyone of us has come for… whether we are conscious of this or not. Children who do not receive it can wither, even die. A child who has been hurt by unloving parents can carry that scar every day of their life.

If we perform for a conditional form of it in childhood we can easily become addicted to performing.

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Most people and especially men live with a defensive pattern that seeks to protect unhealed hurts that they have been taught not to feel and therefore cannot heal. These hurts are generally encountered in childhood and contain a child’s perspective and emotions. Read more…

Really loving occurs when we look beyond the personality and physical attributes of someone and see the unique expression of Divinity that is their Essence. This kind of love is unconditional. It has no beginning, no end. It just is. It is what happens when we function from Essence. All people love this way, this unconditional way, when they love from their Essence, their Inherent Nature.

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Laughter liberates the Spirit. Humor can bring a lesson home in a way that may otherwise be defended. It can help breakup a mental pattern with a flash of insight. The following are some humorous ways to hear the truth. In acceptance of the truth, limiting beliefs can be released and wholeness re-claimed.
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Behavior Patterns: Creating lasting change

Limitied beliefs result in limitied lives. Free the mind from limitation and embrace your True Self.

To creating lasting changes in behavior patterns, we must first get at the root of the problem and then use ongoing awareness and discernment to continue making healthy choices. The way to get to the root is by clearing our negative self-image and limiting beliefs. Understanding Judgment vs Discernment helps us stay on the right path.

It is essential to release our limiting beliefs. We must clear these thoughts away before we can experience and know our True Identity. However, we must also consciously integrate our healing and transformation into our behavior and become conscious when old patterns start to re-emerge as the result of the triggering of new egoic pockets.

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