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Awakening to our Greatness – A Multimedia Ebook by Rick Moss Ph.D.

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“Excellent content… very beautifully presented. I love your multimedia approach! You set the bar very high!”

Stuart Mooney, teacher and author, “American Buddha”

“I think your ebook is marvelous! It really gives a glimpse of the important work you are doing and gives the readers tools immediately! Love it!”

Rosemary Brown Sanders, Radio Host, psychic and teacher

“I have great respect and appreciation for Rick’s work. Through creative visualization he helps forge paths of liberation. He helps us become more alive, more human.”

Dr. Greg Ward, minister

“I love the ideas you shared. I love your use of audio within the eBook, especially since your voice (with its profound “healing” property) is a great gift from all that is.”

Dr. Michael Scimeca, founder of Neuro-Spinal Integration (NSI) and Catalyst

Stunning technology! Wow! I’ve read and imagined my way through it, and will return. It was fun, interesting and different. What a lovely job, Rick.

Anne Hillman, author, “Awakening the Energies of Love”

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