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Inner Oracle Cards App for iPhone

Inner Oracle Cards App for iPhone


The new “Inner Oracle Cards” iPhone App is now available for sale in the iStore!

Buy it now in the App Store for just $2.99

Inner Oracle Cards

A quick and astonishingly accurate tool for transformation: Release, Heal and Awaken.

Find the issue and negative tendency that is limiting your life and growth now. Use the Jungian principle of synchronicity, discover the conscious and unconscious affirmations that will free your mind from the limitations of the past.

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App reviews

“Just like having the I-Ching reading on my phone.”

“Surprisingly insightful! Very smooth interface.”

“I love it! The cards are very insightful and inspiring. They seem to bring a fresh perspective to my mind whenever I’m feeling stuck.”

“I have found that the cards hit the mark every time with regard to identifying the most pressing underlying issue of the moment while also being a huge help in facilitating its transformation. Thank you Rick for making them available!”

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