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Is Your Subconscious Mind Manifesting the Wrong Intentions?

Is Your Subconscious Mind Manifesting the Wrong Intentions?

If you are not manifesting what you think you want, it’s time to examine your subconscious intentions. By bringing the unconscious to light, you can learn to intention your Greatness and manifest your dreams.

The power of unconscious intentions

We know that clear intentions are key to manifesting our goals in life.  But are all the layers of of our mind on board with our intentions?

The conscious mind only plays a small part in intention. The subconscious mind is at least a million times more powerful than the conscious mind. Which one do you think is really behind making most of our decisions?

Know your subconscious mind

How can you know what our subconscious is programmed to want? Look at what you are currently manifesting in your life.

If it is not what you want consciously, it is time to change the programming, time to change the channel.

  • Manifesting relationships

    We may believe that what we want is a loving relationship. But, if our subconscious is retaining old hurts from relationships our subconscious will be relationship-shy. and we may never realize it consciously except that we don’t seem to manifest healthy relationships.

  • Manifesting wealth

    We may intend to get wealthy, but if we believe at the unconscious level that rich people are bad people or rich people can’t be spiritual, or that money is the root of evil, then our intention will be, at the subconscious level, not to get rich.

  • Manifesting greatness

    And finally, if we want to manifest something grand, something out of the ordinary, we must be able to believe that it is possible. With this belief we can enlist the aid of Great Mind, the true power of our Inherent Nature. Without a belief that great things can be manifest we will defeat ourselves even before we begin.

Make your intentions more powerful

Here is a way to strengthen your intention – and it’s free. Use the two guided imagery excercises for Power at . What they do is use visualization to clear away limiting beliefs from the subconscious mind. Then if you would like more help you might use the CDs, Coming Into Real Power and Only Everything Fulfills a Child of God.

Begin to intend the life that you really want. Manifest your Greatness. Then it is time to change your subconscous intention.

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