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The Shadow Self Doesn’t Know

The Shadow Self Doesn’t Know

There was an old radio program called The Shadow and its catch line was, “the shadow knows”. Well the internal shadow is just the opposite. Our shadow self within doesn’t know the Light that is our true nature.

What is the Shadow Self?

The shadow self lives in the subconscious. It is like a basement when we have put the emotional stuff that we can’t handle as a child and the hurtful stuff that we don’t want to face as an adult.

Just because we don’t remember what we’ve put in the basement doesn’t mean that it isn’t affecting us.

Carl Jung on the Shadow Self

Carl Jung, the brilliant psychologist and researcher first coined the term the shadow. He writes, “When an inner situation is not made conscious it appears outside a fate.” This is because we project out on to the world that which we push into the subconscious. Then we meet it in the world and can think it’s fate. He goes on to write, ” Anything unconscious dissolves when you shine the light of consciousness on it.”

Healing the Shadow Self

Over the last 25 years I have been developing a process to bring the shadow to light and the hurts of the past to love. I call it Pre-Cognitive Re-Education because the work needs to be done at the subconscious or precognitive level. It is re-education because the work reminds us of who we truly are underneath the shadow, where our Light is consistently bright. This is our Essential Self.

You can experience this work for free and start healing the shadow self at www.. Everything that we truly yearn for lies waiting within.

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